Abolishment of the 14 bonus (extra pay) for the pensioners

After the increase of contribution weeks in Colombia as well as noting the problems of accessing to retirement pension in the country, we will find an scandalous and even greater topic about what has to deal with the seven-year term by Álvaro Uribe.

The bonus and the pensioners:

All people know the famous bonus, the extra pay that is given to people in Colombia since some time ago to jubilacion pensionencourage a bit more the economy of people.

Surely if you’re a pensioner you’re thinking in the same rights others have, so if you’re only recieving the pension, you deserve to get your 14 bonus, in other words the bonus which eliminated the government for not having enough resources to continue paying people what they deserve.

I think that there should be no doubt that the pension sector has recieved one of the hardest hit during the mandate of this gentleman, let’s hope everything begins to change and that a new voice achieve to establish in Colombia.

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