American conspirancy with the swine flu (AH1N1)

Well, according to what i’ve read, in some places they say that the Swine Flu A(H1N1) is a conspirancy from the Americans .

According to the facts it could be thought that this is totally true because:

1. The mexican president Calderón had a meeting with managerial sector of Mexico.

2. Obama arrived to the mexican country and there is still no report of cases which confirm the existence of the virus.

3. The following friday, after what happened in Mexico with its visits and stuff, the epidemic is declared, just  after the people is coming back from vacationcs and a lot of people is there in the state of Mexico, to increase the amount of victims.

4.The cellphones recieved by SMS being informed of the existence of the virus, something weird if we notice that a big part of those people were not subscribed to any news-messaging service and also that these companies don’t give anything free, something  really weird.

5. The universities and other places where the qualit information would handle are closed, and analysts cannot give their reports, everything in order to have misinformed people.

6. After Obama arrived Mexico only had a 45 thousand millions of dollars lending from the FMI that were named as »only for emergency cases».

7. After all this happen and the people is alarmed Calderón declares the pandemic and now goes into emergency state.

8. The misinformation continues and big businessmen keep investing their money in uncorrect places for the situation,  USA knows all this and does it with the same intention, to make people believe this is a serious thing.

9. USA had a TLC (Agreement of free trade) with Mexico and this came to rule at 1994 with a 15 years duration. These agreement is coming to its end just around these days (something very unusual), as we all know the USA is losing commercial associates, Europe didn’t support them with its confederation and the creation of the Euro, the Chinese potency in Asia and also the latin countries don’t want any agreement with the USA, excepting Colombia that is manipulated easily. Their only commercial associates are Canada, Mexico, England and without the TLC only the last one named would remain.

10. According to Obama USA wouldn’t have more wars, remember that the only way the americans can keep going is by creating wars, which they’ve done for 40 years and increasing.

11. The FMI is conformed by the G7, the big powers and they’re influenced by the OMS.

12. After all the previous things happened, the multimillionaire lending is accepted and with this Mexico is going deep in its dependency with the USA, because the intersts of the lending will be paid with oil (what gives life to americans) and casually Calderón invest in technology to improve the refineries of Mexico. Something unusual again, to improve something to pay… weird.

13. Obama is really convinced that its economy will reactivate, surely it would be a lot of twisted movements and this flu have probably much to deal there, harming a country like Mexico in a unfair way.

14. Do not autotake medicine, they do this to be able to increase the statistics of the infected ones for this flu, and be able to take an identifiable record for the big ones. You might have only a common flu, but the goal is to cause big numbers and to terrify the most possible.

These are only some of the conclusions that i’ve noted, the seem really true to me and don’t trust them in a blind way but i think there is high probability for them to be truth.

To Conclude, we all know that the american politicians do whatever it takes to be able to improve the quality of their holy country, with out caring if they send more people to the bottom.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.

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