Cancellation of the extra pay for long time working

The end of the bonus for long time working in Colombia is a fact that was presented during the government of Álvaro Uribe, minimizing even more the rights that have each of the Colombians who have a stable job.

The bonus for long time working is a right of all:

The extra pay for long time working is a right which we had access if we could be working in a company for a eliminacion de primacertain amount of time, earning a salary increase as time passes like a reward for loyalty to the job.

Cancellation of the extra pay for long time working:

There is no doubt at this point that the elimination of this bonus is a further step that was taken to support the manager or owner of any business, and obviously continues to the deteriorating quality of life for the worker.

If we take seriously all the information we are sharing with you and analyze it from a neutral point of view, plus the two background that talk us about the social emergency crisis in Colombia, we’ll realize that only they are trying to create two types of social classes: the exceedingly rich and exceedingly poor.

We hope that you take a little more seriously that the elimination of the bonus for long time working during the Uribe’s administration, Colombia not only has problems with the FARC guerrillas, we also have social problems.

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