Christmas and poverty, happiness for some and sadness some others

Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness, where we all share and celebrate, each of us throughout the year probably want it to be December because believe it or not it is a time when people change and are much nicer than normal.

Poverty at Christmas:

Unfortunately not all of us have the capacity to buy gifts or things to give our loved ones, though many say that Christmas is not a time to be materialistic, this time of year the market and the economy moves more and not having enough financial capacity to give even a little something to a child or sister is really sad.

Consider for a moment, how many families in Colombia do not have enough to enjoy a decent Christmas?, Have you ever thought about these families?, Did you ever support them?

The answers in most cases will be no, and I am not trying to say that we must give absolutely everything to help these families, but anything worths even if you say that actually you don’t have money even for yourself, I’m sure there is something you can do.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.