Consciences buying with subsidies for the poor

Besides the previous post about families in action this is just another attempt to try to covertly buy consciences, as our Colombian people has always had a way of thinking a little submissive.

For example in times of Pablo Escobar, this man gave houses and objects to the poorest,and even when they knew the capacity to kill and make terrorism of this drug dealer they put hum as a god, proving that no matter how little a donation or subsidy is, the people of this country will appreciate this act but not in the way it should be.

The labor reform presented a few years ago being defended by President Álvaro Uribe had many political consequences in Colombia, so to try to clear his name somehow he created this subsidy, which as explained is just another attempt to try to buy and keep consciences of the Colombian people.

Colombian politics usually always comes down to such acts, which should never happen but as we see is part of our culture and history and will be hard to change, because this man is supported by a large number of political parties with dubious people and also many fans from the population that although we show them in every way all the wrong things that have been made in the country they will never understand that social causes are more important than going to kill a guerrilla.

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