Conscription In Colombia

The military card is a pretty important document in the lives of all Colombians (men) and that for many (like me) would be a totally torture having to go to military service of any kind, while for others it is a dream come true.?


This measure has been taken by the government to make every young man of the country solve their military situation, since such measures can significantly increase the number of troops in the country.

As you see, all our governments have always been interested in increasing the number of servicio-militar-colombiasoldiers, from a neutral point of view that can that can be seen as normal, but for many young Colombians undoubtedly this measure is not very good.

Must military service be obligatory for Colombian men?

From my point of view, which can be easily discussed, such techniques should not be used, because like me many of us would not like to participate in acts of war or  even any other military practice.

Colombia should make some kind of study to develop a reform to better analyze all referent to this law,  but by this time and duration of this presidency this law could hardly be abolished.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.