Death Threat to Jeronimo Uribe By Facebook

By these days one of those so many curious notes that place in the world came out, a young university student threatened to kill Jeronimo Uribe, through social networking site Facebook, though it was all a joke, it seems that the state took the news very seriously and the student has been captured and is now in the Pillory (a Colombian jail).

Death threat to other colombian public figures in Facebook:

The threats to public figures of the country through Internet social networking have almost always been present, just that nobody never gave them importance enough to go catch the person who wrote them, would it be facebookbecause he is the son of President Álvaro Uribe?

The idea is not to focus that much on the actions were taken, what is important here is to note that this is not the way to make ourselves be heard, it was shown that university students are those who actually act for a better country, making peaceful protests, art demonstrations, and many more things that are always demonized by the media.

Let’s hope this kind of case do not happen again, though it was a kind of joke we have found that even when things on the Internet are done «anonymously» sooner or later we will be discovered :D.


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