Discrimination, a problem of humanity even in our times

Discrimination is one of the evils that humanity in general has suffered, suffers, and will suffer, no matter the country or culture  there is always some kind of prejudice from a group of people and even from only one person to other by their appearance, way of thinking, dress, etc…

It’s really strange, because in some ways we are all equal, is just that some had to see things that others haven’t, or maybe their minds were destroyed by others, and so on. Today we, the youth, express ourselves in ways that few years ago would never be tolerated or «well seen«.

Some young people let their hair grow representing freedom, others cut themselves (something I’ve never been ablo to understand), some dress only black clothes and we could racismocontinue talking. In these times we see all types of urban cultures that in some way distinguish them from  other groups of young people. As I see it is very interesting, that everyone is taking a path that’s what they truly enjoy doing, but obviously, nothing should be taken to extremes.

Well, explaining that I was moving away from the central topic,with those examples i just wanted to show the amount of differences that exist in our urban society.

Anyway, the real point is Racism, one of the worst evils that humanity has, a mental condition which causes some people to have «disgust» or that simply «can not handle» people who are somehow different from them.

If we go to the past, «blacks» were used and treated as slaves sold like cattle, and so on. And if we begin to see in an objective way the slaves should be white, by the weakness shown when compared with blacks.

discriminacionAs stated by the Bible, «all are equal in the eyes of God,» but it seems in the eyes of man, everyone is different, and it happens that men always want to have the power, and what is the best way prove it?, simple, showing that the on who is different from me is the weakest.

We have a very special and chilling case, the story of Hitler, who murderer many Jews by the ideals of exclusion to the Jewish race that didn’t hurt anyone, and ironically he was part of it.

To change, we must all change, so if you have some sort of prejudice against someone because of their dress, physics, mind, etc, delete it from your mind, after all we are equal, (obviously if it is a thief or someone who acts breaking the rules, this advice can not be taken into account) and if you can not, do not give importance, live and let live.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.

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  • el 2 abril 2010 a las 17:40

     This evil must end!

    all deserve respect!

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