European and world prejudices against Latinos

Abroad we, the Latinos, have a controversial image, the foreigners don’t really have a good point of view of us. For some, our women are the best in the world, but in the other hand they say they are all prostitutes.

For most foreigners, in the case of Spain  for example, when they see a Colombian woman they almost always try them like a bitch, is actually hard to find someone who thinks different.

For men, they believe we all are drug addicts or drug dealers.

Finally, as in almost all the entries I clarify that I don’t generalize, not all of people are like that, I’m just writing what I and large number of people see, if you’re a person who believes this from Latinos and especially Colombians concentrate when you see this video.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.