Families in action

Families in Action and unemployment benefits have been some of the ways in which the Colombian government has tried to hide a little each of the measures we have already tried to explain, giving alms to a few certain people in the country and thus changing their points of view.

Vote buying disguised in subsidies – Families in Action:

Many people who have talked to me have criticized my way of seeing things because the word alms should not be represented in such subsidies, but how would you call to the receiving of a few pesos after making a long line and be familias-accionin that place thanks to the person delivering the same benefits? (question somehow complicated to understand :D).

A very simple example and that I have at hand, is that of a close family person who to be able to give a decent life to his son (my cousin) should wait long lines and even on occasions to spend her own money to recieve in some time the long-awaited benefit of families in action.

This example I always had it in my mind and I started the task of knowing no matter how, how much was what my familiar would get and I met the terrible surprise that it was 30,000 pesos (15 usd) :P.

Also, many other people say that kind of money, even it is only a few, will be very useful for a person who has nothing, they are totally right, but that money will not last long, not to say that will only last a few days.

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