Fraud in the collection of public services in Colombia

I think we all know as Colombians about the big theft we have with our public services bills, one thing is that we are used, but the excess they charge us is completely obvious and it would be total disrespect to deny it.

Why are public services in Colombia so expensive?

Actually there are many factors that could cause this high cost, the one that comes to mind as a first option for us is sure that the leaders of these companies need to buy a car, a house or farm.servicios-publicos-colombia

On the other hand we could also observe a clear example as is my town Cartago, a place where the river (La Vieja) passes by, the water that runs through them is a total mess, and the excuse offered to us is that the treatment to purify makes the cost rise.

Either option can be taken as valid, and even I could say that both are absolutely true, the proposal that everyone should have in mind to improve this service is to consider the recycling and care of the water.

With the measure I propose, we would end or would avoid the pollution that continues to expand and also the people who run these agencies would not have a good excuse to continue stealing.

What is the reason for public services in Colombia are so expensive?

What is the reason for public services in Colombia are so expensive?


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