In America there should be no borders

America = third world =  misery and poverty, that’s how they call us, the European countries. I really do not see it that way, and i’ll tell you why summarizing: South and Central America and northern part, are the world’s reserve of life itself.

If you take a look to the natural resources and compare between Europe and America you will realize Europe and U.S. are in the «oven«. United States will soon be left without water in a not very far future, Argentina has enough water, food, gas for a thousand years more, Venezuela is rich in oil, Brazil also has everything

The poor leadership of our rulers, and to the attitude of the American, who does not join and fight among themselves, do not let us progress. Imagine, from Mexico to Argentina without borders,  it would be a good wall to isolate ourselves from Europe, Asia and America, Who needs them? We have everything, I repeat.. Everything,

Let me make it clear that the rich should be us, not them, just look at the natural resources of each American country and compare the first world, etc, ha ha, you’d be amazed, you can take anything but freedom.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.

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