In football we also see imperialists models, in this case Real Madrid

Not only in politics we can see imperialism, at this time if we analize sports,in football some imperilists measures are beeing taken, this is the case of Real Madrid, a historical football team.

As is well known by soccer fans like myself, this team has managed to get two big signings such as Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, for really impressive sums of money.

And you may think «why imperialists measures? From my point of view they are  taking the best the market by having a couple of excellent players, dropping a possible «dynamism» to other teams and thus creating a possible inequality in the matches for having a greater capital kaka y ronaldo van al madrid than the other teams.

Furthermore, we can look at a team like Barcelona, (for me the best team right now) that with players not as valued in terms of money, but in football, could have a team I would say almost perfect because that combining the speed and agility both mental and physical of players like Messi (the best in the world), Iniesta and Xavi, won the league, the Champions League and their national cup.

By the other hand, the imperialist model of Real Madrid, scored well, but not as good as those of Barcelona, proving that money is not necessarily needed to defeat the ones with a lot of money.

Finally, let projects like this continue to grow, so that later despite the huge investment made, will not achieve the desired results and have repented for having wasted their desired money.

To clarify the end, this with Real Madrid is an example with real facts, I’m not wishing bad things for this team, perhaps they may achieve their goals and recover this amount of money.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.