Increase in VAT from 8% to 16%

The value added tax or also known as VAT is of the main problems that we have as citizens, because thanks to this tax our government gets revenue to work for us.

Increased taxes to support the war in Colombia:

During the last years of government we have found multitude of taxes that have been increasing by little, helping the government to receive enough funds to do some work for the country and obviously to be able to give everything ivaneeded to the army and continue the senseless war that we have at this time.

Increase in VAT from 8% to 16%:

There is no doubt that this concerns every one of the Colombians, as house expenditure grew and the people saw how their pockets went empty with this measure.

This measure taken by the Uribe’s government has been one of the most discussed, but nevertheless it seems that Colombians did not care much and continued all the same.

On the other side, some time ago they talked about taking measures to further increase the VAT, but after all our president retracted his words, (campaign time) to very surely return to take into account the extent to its new rereelection.

Report: The achievements of Alvaro Uribe Velez

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