Increasing in contribution weeks in Colombia

As we explained retiring in Colombia is a problem, each time there are many more obstacles to prevent people from reaching the goal of 57 or 62 years of age to finally be able to recieve a pension which they have worked for during their lifes.

Not enough money for pensions:

On the other hand it has been well demonstrated that the health and pensions system in Colombia does not have enough money to handle the payment of everything above it, creating laws, changing the constitution and putting in debate many things only makes even worse the precarious economy that a large number of people living in Colombia have.

The privatization of health in Colombia:

In addition they have already started talking about private companies that could take care of it, which could result into the creation of an interesting market for people who are already wealthy and wishing to invest capital however.

Even the increase from 1000 to 1250 weeks to access to pension, combined with the difficulty to receive it makes life quality in our country decrease even more placing us in very low levels of accessing to this right.

Such things happen when people in power are only interested in increasing their capital regardless of the human factor.

Report: The achievements of Alvaro Uribe Velez

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