Ireland, also tired of the English harassment

I don’t know if you know, but Ireland keeps being bothered by the British empire since 800 years ago,this tired people still continues fighting with their I.R.A, (it would come to be the revolutionary Irish army), nowadays there is North Ireland and South Ireland, the south one is colony of the english men that as always, thieves and pirates, they get a little of every country, they will always find a colony in every part of the world. Poor Irish people, they’re still separated by these pirates that call themselves «sirs» and «lords» when they are nothing but thieves without moral codes.

I’d like you to listen this song by the I.R.A, that isn’t only nice, but also talks about these tiring situation, bacause for 800 hundred years the have been invaded and tortured, did anybody see“Braveheart” with Mel Gibson?, well, i think there’s no better movie to show the dross that those people are, here it is the video in english, i hope you enjoy it.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.

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