Johana Macias, a totally unconscious being, killed his 10 days son

We are definitely falling ever lower in our acting, since yesterday, a serie of news are coming where they showed the supposed kidnapping of an only 10 days old child, obviously the poor mother had full solidarity all over the country.

But today it was released in the media the news that Johana Macias, the same desperate mother who was crying for solidarity, was the one who committed the murder of his own son.

The same mother, or ex mother, incrimated herself mother in a way that you could call stupid, while doing the portrait of the alleged kidnappers she was actually doing a self portrait. Obviouslyjohana macias, mato a su propio hijo the police didn’t said a word, but when they had a confirmed news it was released to us, the people.

How can a being that is almost perfect as a mother can kill her own child, no matter the «why» there is no justifiable reason to make her child or even another child die.

Definitely the world is increasingly insane, I’d never understand how these events can occur, «The murder by Johana Macias» or «The Austrian jailer«, are stories that truly have no explanation, no sense.

As has been said, this is a macabre story, make a 10 days life, 10 days!!, die inside a black bag rolling down a rocky mountain, is incredible, for me this women should not be killed or anything like that, but at least she should stay in a jail, rotting of the blame for a while, and although for some it must not be, a second chance should be given to such an unconscious as this.


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