Messenger Blocked for U.S. embargoed countries

Maybe this news is already known by you, but still very interesting, in recent days, the Microsoft company has left without Messenger service to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

All these countries, as we should be thinking, are countries that have publicly pronounced themselves as «anti-American» and that in some way are threatened by the Great Western, which hides behind the «fight against terrorism.»

While trying to connect anyone from this countries will receive an error 810003c1 which as said will prevent them to enter the service.

The truth is that I wouldn’t know what to say about this, since being countries that have demonstrated «independence» from U.S. and have even intimidated their presidents with the missile tests, Bill Gates probably will have to do with the U.S. government and for he has taken such a decision.

Such is the case of USA with these countries that the agreements with them are prohibited by law, in the case of Cuba and Iran, I wouldn’t know what to say, as these Eastern countries specifically seek to demonstrate power with weapons of destruction and dead, so this measure couldn’t be taken as the best possible, but good.

Although we should take into account that the inhabitants of these countries have no guilt about what is happening, but as a more convenient solution, it will be possible to use instant messaging services like Gmail or Yahoo and others.


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