Poverty, an evil that affects rich and poor

Poverty is a big social problem we have in the whole planet, but it is worse in certain areas of the world as it is special in Africa and also our Latin countries, unfortunately.

Yesterday I saw Pirry’s a documentary, the best Colombian journalist, that simply does not mince words to tell the truth on television, if it wasn’t for him, I think many of the people wouldn’t even care about these issues wich really affect us all directly or indirectly.


As said in the program, many do not have in mind that a large majority of people who can not satisfy their basic needs are going to steal and commit crimes not because they like but because of hunger.

I think any of us if we are ever hungry, but real hunger, which doesn’t allow us to move or rest, we would take the decision to go to steal or even more, especially if we have to see for a family, wife, children, etc…

To be able to end the social problems of a maybe not fully, but very significant way, we must create strategies and «subsidies» (those that Uribo loves to give) for people who really need them, and in some ways maybe have a big part of the society satisfied and «psychologically controlled» to prevent potential offenders. This way of looking at it is very cold, but is simply the truth, is also clear to see that this money will satisfy the hunger of many children and families, and moreover is improving the security of the country.

For things to change, we must have a special deal with the most vulnerable people, because they are the most important and besides, the vast majority of the country, when these people are treated well this country and the world will have incredible change.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.