Recycling in Colombia, is now for the rich

Well as always, I never miss one of the programs of Pirry, the best and only journalist in the country, in this case he talked about the collection of renewable or recycled material to be more accurate.

The theme, even tough it seems environmental, it is not, the subject is human beings, as the controversy of the case focuses on removing all they have, to people who have nothing to give it to the rich (Robin Hood).

The case shows how families work with few resources by recycling our waste, keeping their children with junk, this sentence seems really incredible.

We all know how important it is to recycle so that our world does not suffer anymore, and obviously neither us are going to suffer in the future. Despite Reciclaje colombianoit is about garbage some people with «fame» want to enter the market, because actually if this work is handled in an intelligent way and with good sumes of money it can give a lot of money.

Coincidentally the son of our President Uribe had set up a recycling company just after the adoption of a new law that considers the way in which wastes are treated, or how to help the environment.

In it there are some paragraphs which prohibits:

1. Open the bags of garbage in inappropriate places like the street.
2. Carrying trash in inappropriate vehicles.

In other words, people with low income «do not recycle» is the motto of this law and rot (do not misunderstand the word) in the street with nothing to eat.

This law clearly supports the management of garbage by people who have Reciclajemoney and prevents people who really need this by necessity to do so.

We see how corruption by people in our country is moving more and more and does not measure the consequences of their actions, none of us knows how many children and families may suffer and possibly die for a measure so unfear as this.

It is said that money brings money, and really is seen here, although with some corruption, and even though Pirry thandled the issue with great seriousness and professionalism, I say let’s leave corruption and treat people as they really deserve, this is not something about a trash bag, is the possible continuity of hundreds or thousands of lives.

And my people, although for us, «fortunately» it is just a bag of garbage with no value, for many it is a bag with some coins possibilities that will give a morsel of food for their families, why to look at this people who keep our planet clean with loathing eyes, look at them with eyes of love and happiness, people like them is what we really need, not those with «reputation».


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.

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