Smokescreens in politics

Smokescreens are one of the most important weapons that exist in Colombian and world politics, because with them they can get to hide a multitude of mistakes made by our leaders.

The smokescreens in Colombia and around the world:

Colombia and Venezuela are two countries that are ruled by two weird presidents but that in some way or another have a certain popularity among the people, taking advantage of these  they make their thoughts and goals be accomplished easily.

Álvaro Uribe and Hugo Chávez have taken advantage of the alleged warAlvaro Uribe y Hugo Chavez feeling between the two countries to prevent people from focussing on what happens in their countries, thus preventing a good information from citizens, thanks to the aforementioned smokescreens.

It is very common to see people in Colombia that to talk about politics always relate the style of government of Álvaro Uribe to what happens in Venezuela, forgetting that there is a border and that both countries have nothing to do with each other.

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