Social differences, the rich and the poor: an eternal cycle

Since the beginning of our society, and especially with the «great» invention of money, you notice a significant difference between some people, in this case the rich and the poor. A difference set up by social and individualistic self-management of some people.

As already said in this entry, for reasons that sometimes have little to do with us or our personality, the way of thinking and reasoning of our society changes, but just gets worse.


Besides, the interest of a fewbecomes stronger than that one of an high majority, with a clear example of any society of any country, where many wealthy people could feed large numbers of people that unfortunately do not have this opportunity but instead, they take advantage of these people to get the few they have, until leaving them in the greatest misery.

«The rich lives of the poor», one of the best known phrases for us, and yes, it is true, because what is the vast majority of people accessing the products of big businessnen? The poor.

It’s a vicious circle in which the one who has the most gets more, and the other ones are sinking each time more in their misery, until reaching to owe what they don’t even have, spotting his name on credit bureaus, and even it’s borrowed money, they will survive a bit more in this crazy world.

This is only an entry to show that management influences given by a minority highly influence the mayority, and despite this, we can do nothing but complain, but if some day it comes a true revolutionary group wich has the gift of the word, and especially of generating a spirit of change throughout the world, everything could change, for a slightly more fairer society.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.