Taxes, a general or personal good?

Taxes, unfortunately are necessary, as a country to maintain an appropriate manner obviously requires money, which the same citizens give to live comfortably.

But what surely you must be thinking, where will this money go, well, it is supposed to be spent building schools, hospitals and other places to promote the quality of life of the citizens themselves.

robos de politicos

But no, our money goes into a very selective pocket, «the best of the country» and the worst of it, for their personal gain, the money ends up in the new car or home of a politician (I’m not generalizing, but we all know that most are like that).

Why what goes towards a common good ends in personal use?, the way I see it, is the greatness of being able to handle a huge amount of money, and unfortunately our clouded mind is not capable of doing it properly, for the blessed money, that spot that generates «happiness», but usually only creates fights, wars, etc…

The amount of money is handled could easily make public places or homes for people who unfortunately do not have theirs, or maybe give food and clothing to people who can not reach basic requirements for living or «survive» as many people say.

The worst thing is that we are the ones who choose them, and is also a bit odd that politicians are always the same, except that positions are rotated. In votes time, a vote of a person worth a breakfast, a chicken, a fish, or any type of objects that really do not worth it, depending on the point of view you have, the same people who choose these politicians to live for a day will have to die for about 3 or 4 years, the duration of the period.

Finally, while most live poorly and these same people had to sell his vote in a manner so miserable, this country will not change, as they say in many places, the change comes from below not from above.



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