Tevez manages to get the English fans of Manchester United

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In this entry I’ll talk about a more pleasant or comfortable topic for the ears or eyes of us, the Latin people. It’s something that definitively when we hear it we are glad and it’s simply what feeds our hungry spirit of glory, ¿what beyond the soccer?.

If you are carried away by soccer, which I suppose you are, you’d have found out about the championship of the Manchester United with the impressive Latin and Specifically Argentine player, Carlos Tevez.


While playing, the english fans applauded, sang, took cartels, Argentine flags, etc, all this for the great ‘apache’ that was able as latin and especially Argentine to steal the looks of the english people. It really amazes because European people doesn’t forget things so fast as us and there has always been a big rivalry between Argentine and England due to the war of the Malvines Islands, it gives a lot to think about this «Tevezmania»

While watching the match that was actually boring with its 0-0, i was really excited and happy because of the ovasions to Tevez that were trying to show to the director of the team that a player with his characteristics couldn’t leave the Manchester U.

The “argentinoo, argentinoo, argentinoo” is leaving Manchester due to personal differences but with a great life lesson and having saved the team of descending to the West Ham and helping a lot with the title got in the last and actual season of Manchester U.

This entry confirms that those people really know to separate politics differences from others, in this case sports, even though most of the countries can’t do it and for such a stupid thing like that one can start wars with no sense.

We shouldn’t forget the bad things we’ve done to each other, but we must also understand that things just happen and stay back, the past is past and no one changes it, the future doesn’t exist, the one thing you can do is live consciouslythe present.

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