The age of telecommunications – The internet, a medium of information

At this time we are facing the telecommunications age, a very special time because we realize things happening thousands of miles from us, a clear example of what I say is the death of Michael Jackson, news spread quickly through the Internet in minutes.

The idea of a society that receives information that fast is interesting, since by the very nature of man, almost always we want to know everything and methods as the Internet or this blog facilitate that this could happen.

Unfortunately like most of the things in this life, there are always people who want to get telecomunicacionessome economic benefit from everything, I’m not saying this is bad, but in most cases this kind of ambition causes things deforme and turn into something that only suits the owner, an example is any television news.

For these reasons we must know how to take advantage of information that flows fast at the moment, so let’s think and innovate all this this kind of communication that we face such as the Internet.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.