The Congo, a poor country for being rich

By these days one of the best reporters or columnists of our country, Pirry, has devoted all its program space to speak about the coltan, the new damn gold as he named it, it is incredible to see how the mining industry worldwide is a business where the ones who already have much want more and those who have nothing need to work like coltananimals to let others reach their economic goals.

As he tried to explain us in the program, the Republic of Congo is currently the country most likely to get wealth, since it is usually described as a rough diamond that if used in a good way would liberate this country of its poverty.

The same reflection shows us Pirry on his program is where he got to and where we all should get to, «the country with more wealth is not always the richest» and that we as Americans and above all as Venezuelan or Colombian must take advantage of all this natural wealth, take from it the highest performance and a finally let the war behind.

In future articles we will explain a little more about the history of coltan.


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