The death of a giant, Michael Jackson

These days, a great singer is gone, an icon, an idol, one of the pillars of modern music, but especially in how to make and produce videos, as the unusual way he made them in his time became into the music video industry as it is today.

Obviously I’m talking about Michael Jackson, so far from my point of view the best representative of music of all time, by the way he danced, dressed, sang and so many other things.

It is clear that his life as an artist had great highs and lows for his change of color, and many other indictments for alleged violations to some children.

As we all know if you’re a great artist and too recognized there will always be bounders that want to take advantage of these circumstances to get all your money, something michael jackson thrillerhappened to the King of Pop.

Although in his time there was a racist thought in the world, he achieved success, got and still maintain the highest selling album in history, besides having one of the best music videos in terms of production and others.

for some just one more died, and that is true, excepting that this character is the star that has donated more money to foundations, was nominated 2 times for the Nobel Prize and many other features where he startled compared to others.

This entry is only a kind of tribute to Michael Jackson, for his achievements and also to try to persuade some people that this artist did not rape any child as it is proven here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post despite it does not have much content and I invite you to investigate a little more about it and realize everything done in his so scandalous life.


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