The great conspiracy of Google (Part I)

Well this article is really very interesting and certainly may create much controversy for many people, from this moment I want to clarify that all this is based under real facts, which if you investigate a little you will realize that they are real. But beyond that, there are some assumptions that will be left to the thinking of each person.

With this clarified, we begin with the issue, as a person who uses the Internet, I use almost 100% of the time Google as my home page where i begin “surfing” across the network, I think this applies to the vast majority of people around the world.

Definitely if this happens it’s because of something,as we all know well, Google is the best search engine of the time, whatever you need you only need to look at this greatgoogle-logo tool and are surely you’ll find the information you need.

That’s why this web page from Google, despite its great simplicity, is the most powerful that exists, many have tried to equate such a work, but until now no one has been able to reach this giant.

The power that Google has gained over the years is impressive, since they handle a large share of the online advertising market, and created their own browser, are in the process of creating their own operating system, have the best email system the planet, and so much more.

Although in the beginning it was only a university project, Google has always been at a big way, since its begins it innovated the way people search the Internet, this “algorithm” caused the small searcher become popular, and that in a few years it became what it is today.

In many places it is said that power corrupts, and this is something which is increasingly being noted on Google because if you have noticed this is taking the steps monopolio googleof a monopoly, buying large companies or projects, such is the case of the biggest video network (Youtube) and one of the largest companies in terms of online advertising (DoubleClick).

Much has been said about the great conspiracy which Google is a part of, since according to some analysts, the information handled by the “large  of the network” is very important and at the same time is too much, how many emails per second are read or sent by Gmail?, or, how many of those news blogs are read by Google Reader?, finally, must be truly unimaginable numbers, and many say that our privacy could be impacted in the future, since Google is holding large amount of it, and  the truth is that even if is not right, they can do whatever they want with it.

Regarding this last, lot of comments have been made, but the most recurrent is that Google delivers this information to the FBI or the CIA or rather the U.S. government, to keep them informed of what happens.

Despite charging a large amount of money every day, Google wants more and more (something normal in our capitalist, consumerist society) and the media seems not to care, only time will tell us the results that all these actions of “Saint Google” will have, we hope users do not see ourselves concerned about our privacy.

This will be one of the few entries I’ll post about Google, because there is still much to say and write about the actions and decisions taken by Google, just reflection and if you like the topic do a little of investigation, you will discover many things that were in front of your noses but you never thought about them.

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