The injustice of the tragedy – The earthquake in Haiti

Natural disasters in the world undoubtedly have caused many deaths and people affected, who lose all their property and who are physically and mentally destroyed, because a tragedy can break the strongest spirit.

Earthquake tragedy in Haiti:

For many of us it shouldn’t be new the news of the great earthquake that occurred in the country of Haiti, leaving many people in poverty, sharing inadequate places for living or sleeping with dead bodies wich are very close to people and will surely infect and cause illness to people nearby.

The earthquake in Haiti is a totally negative way to start 2010, many deaths have been caused unjustly and worst of all is that the numbers will surely continue to rise because people who are there do not have enough food and Tragedia En Haitiresources to survive this tragedy.

I’ve always wondered why almost every time some tragedy happens it does to the most unfortunate people or those who have had the hardest lives, I don’t wish anything bad to any other country, but why does the fate or nature chose the country of Haiti to receive this catastrophe?.

At one point talking to a friend about the subject he surprised me with one sentence:

God is racist

Surely for those who are fanatics of religion or very close to it, this phrase would sound a little absurd (which is quite simple but complex at the same time), but there is no doubt that the fate has always affected these kind of populations, I don’t know why and I think nobody else does, but it has been almost completely proven that on this planet almost all of the worst things happen to innocent people or people who don’t deserve a punishment of such magnitude.

I’d like to know the opinion of others about this subject I have bring to discussion, what do you think about it?


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