The large differences between Alvaro Uribe and Hugo Chavez

Comparisons in politics have always been a very important tool, especially because with them we can get to pretty interesting conclusions about whether or not an agent has done his job properly.

Álvaro Uribe or Hugo Chávez as a dictator?

It is a question that Venezuelans and Colombians have been wondering, as these two people have used their power and fame to be noted further in theAlvaro Uribe y Hugo Chavez main disinformation communication media.

Once while reading the opinions about what the Colombians and Venezuelans think about the management of the presidents Álvaro Uribe and Hugo Chávez I was really amazed about the many different and sometimes even similar opinions that can exist in a single population.

From my point of view I see our President Álvaro Uribe as a man very similar to Hugo Chávez, the only difference is that he is superultrarightist, while his opponent is leftist. Both want to stay in power regardless of people’s opinion, both are enriched by the suffering of many, and finally (although there is much more to say) the two of them love disapearing their misdeeds and want to see their people misinformed seeing things are not real.

Let’s not get carried away by the impulses that they try to put in our heads all the time, consider and investigate a little more about what happens.

superultrarightist: A person who exaggerates his rightist mind.


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