The New World Order – How is money made? – Part 3

If you’re one of the few people who have a moderate interest by reading about what happens in this world, you might have wondered at some point how is the money made, at this time we will begin trying to explain what are the methods, laws, fraud, etc… on the subject.

Process for the creation of money:

As you should know, in ancient times there was no paper money which we are used to use, so people gemstones as gold or silver were used  to make a representation of what is oro-dinerosold or bought.

At one point it appeared the Goldsmith, a family that made small loans with the condition that they were repaid with some interest. When this family had so much gold they had to create a kind of safe-deposit box to store their gold.

The villagers of the place they realized what was happening, and asked this family to keep their gold, in that moment the first saving account was created, so to say.

Such was the amount of villagers and people who came to save all their gold in the vaults of the Goldsmith, that they caused the creation of a representation with much lower weight for easy transport, in that instant it was born the check, or in other words the bill that represents a certain quantity of gold.

Continuation – The first bank in the world


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