The new world order – Part 1

The destruction of the human being:

For many, this kind of news is something crazy, which probably has nothing to do with them, it is respectable thought but not acceptable, since there is no worse slave that the one who does not accept his enslavement.

The new world order is something that concerns us all, because we all will end up being dominated by it, this new society that is being created bit by bit, seems to want to keep your eyes closed, because as I see it is better for many not to accept the truth that hurts and to live a happy lie (at least for a while).

And thanks to the media we have at the moment, rational and investigative thought is running out slowly, making each one of us put aside what really matters andnuevo-orden-mundial include ourselves in a superficial world where money and power are at an altar to which very few manage to reach.

The new world order will be a kind of government that will dominate us in every aspect, privacy will no longer exist, the proper and rational thought will disappear, and finally the destruction of human beings won’t be a volcano, hurricane, flood or any other environmental problems, the destruction of human will be the human.

Continuation – The control of the world economy


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