The new world order – The control of the economy – Part 2

Our life is linked to a number of factors that, as they are so many we do not even realize the great complexity that we have at the time to live or to manage our time.

Governments are a mechanism that help to have an entire people «dominated» under theeconomia mundial terms offered by the leaders of these places, sometimes decisions are taking for the well-being of everyone, or just the opposite

The control of the world economy:

The economy is an important factor to make a certain person can dominate another, because as we see in our daily lives, who has money automatically is going to gain power, so who has the power controls his things and others.

For this reason the new world order has made venture into the depths of our world economy, taking full control of all our actions that concern money, we are just dominated by all sides.

As we all know banks are a place where people can borrow or can create savings accounts to keep their money, but always doing the same interests generate money to the bank.

Although in the previous paragraph we can not see anything wrong, we will see that our economy is into a hole, where only a few are favored.

Continuation: How Is Money Made?


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