The politics based on the democracy sometimes does not work as is hoped

In this entry I’ll speak specifically about my country Colombia, to avoid confusions between countries, as is well known the politics in every country of the world is always based in a tangle of lies deceptions, etc. But here everything becomes very much denser than «usual» and some politicians exaggerate in an indiscriminate way taking from the people what belongs to the people for right.farc

In Colombia many types of guerrillas exist but those who stand out obviously in the first position are the F.A.R.C, which is an organization that in its beginnings used to fight for the ideals of the people, but now it has turned into a senseless organization, the second guerrillas in order of relevance are the Paramilitary ones, which were born with the ideal of finishing with the F.A.R.C but lastly they’ve became in the same thing as their enemies, in an organization that damages the people.

Besides these there exist drug-traffickers that can manage to join these illegal groups and the politicians. And finally there are the guerrillas supported by the government the Army who tries to neutralize the bandits though they themselves sometimes also transform in bandits.

Anyway, the Colombian politics or some Colombian politicians only look at their own pockets and try to fill them without mattering how much damage they do to the people that they’re supposed to take care of. That’s why some appeared into our democracy as:Farcpolitic.

  • Parapolitic.
  • Yidispolitic.
  • Narcopolitic.

These are some of those terms that i really dislike, because due to them the condition of the people is becoming each time worse, but the people in our country is easily manipulated, most of the times it’s not up to them the votings, the situation they’re in makes them choose bad choices.

Only when our entire democracy is clean and the politicians have their pants on to do what they’re supposed to do, then our country will start changing, a good change.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.