The price increase in public services

The public services rates in Colombia have been one of the main problems during the Uribe’s administration, because even when we have the possibility to have alcantarillado colombialower charges, these politicians have not wanted to do or say anything, because of their agreements with multinationals that exist in Colombia.

Government supposedly astonished for increased public services:

A few months ago it was made a statement in which the government expressed its surprise about the increase that were having public services in Colombia, but the same politicians were the ones who made a deal under the table so that everything remains in this way.

The cynicism of politics in Colombia:

After the same government wanted the agreement so that the rate of public services in Colombia continue to rise as time went on, making statements that tried to make see to the Colombian people that in any way that this was not their fault.

Are efficient they public services in Colombia?

It is not a for anyone secret that the provision of public services in Colombia is not of a very good quality, since much of the time and blackouts occur and even there are certain people who have never had good sewerage or electric power service.

Report: The achievements of Alvaro Uribe Velez



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