The problem of retirement pension in Colombia

Each of us as human beings have access to some rights such as work and retirement pension, so I think it is ridiculous to create more barriers or distances in the Colombian economy.

For none of the Colombians should be a secret that access to retirement pension is all a nightmare, long lines, humiliation, delays, excuses and plenty of maneuvers to prevent people to access quickly to a right that was established by law.

Such cases should be taken into account by the people in a massive way because we all have or have had grandparents and in due we will also be old, then please take action and do not let yourselves be fooled in this kind of issues as important as is having a decent old age.

If you did not know in Álvaro Uribe’s government the age for pensions was increased, leaving the following information of interest for you to have into account in your next retirement: women at 57 and men at 62.

Retirement in Colombia is a right we all deserve and obviously in a dignified manner, so ask for a change, a better job, better delivery, and finally a greater interest in officials related to the subject of business economy.

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