The revolution of little things, Pirry’s entrepreneurship

Today while watching the program by the best reporter and journalist from all over this country, who else?, Pirry, a feeling was born inside me, a feeling that himself tried to make grow in the minds of each of the viewers, «the revolution of small things».

As well as its creator said, it’s not a revolution with arms, not with politicians, actually, is a simple revolution,just with mental changes in the minds of each of the 44 million people in this country (to start).

If there is a personal and individualistic revolution, surely they will never win, but if we all unite, if all the common people, it means most members of the country, change the way we think, everything will turnrevolucion de las cosas pequeñas better.

For the «lucky» classes, their thinking should be open to change, supporting those who unfortunately have no properties, use the gift God gave them to help those who weren’t able to get it. For the lower classes or common, let’s stop thinking that every politician is bad, stop wishing evil to those who have money, we are the majority, and when our thinking changes, and this revolution takes effect in the country, the other classes will be forced to follow it.

The change is wanted is to do good always, take up these principles we were taught as children, take up that honesty that only the innocence of childhood gives us, so my people, let’s change, that this country is made for great things!!


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.