The second reelection of Alvaro Uribe – Right decision?

Álvaro Uribe’s reelection is a step that seems «obligatory for Colombians», but will this be the best option for improving our quality of life and give a better future for our beloved country?

No doubt for many the answer is a resounding «YESs for others was a «NO», me from my part I have shown what is mysegunda-reeleccion-uribe position on this, but I would like to clarify that apart from my thoughts the idea of a second reelection in Colombia does not work, we assume that we are democratic and if someone is set for 12 years in power would deny the possibility to many others who may wish to be president and come with fresh ideas.

The only certainty so far is that if we face such a situation, surely the re-election will be achieved, and our President Álvaro Uribe will continue four more years in power.

Let’s hope people start to think a little about what is happening in Colombia, on the border with Venezuela, on the FARC, but above all do not forget the most important thing is working for a just Colombia that is the true objective to be fulfilled by a president.


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