The spirit of change of latin people

If you’re a latin citizen, in some moment of your life you’ll have to have said to yourself ¿why we are how we are?, well, this is a clear thinking from the mayority of the people in our continent. Obviously we shouldn’t generalize, but even though this question seems that something is wrong, for me it’s a good thing.

Anyway we have something that anyone else in the world owns, it’s a feeling or thinking that we carry since we’re born and it’s the spirit of improving existing things.


¿Why do the latin people want a change?, it’s simple, we’ve got the wrong part, we have to fight much more than the others, we don’t have all the comfort that a european or american kid could have, that’s why we have that spirit of fight.

Of course, from my point of view the childhood of lots could have been very painful, but this have made them become stronger and this let us face the hard times much easier than the others.

A clearer example of what i’ve said is when a latin goes to a foreign country to be able to make money by working on places that are usually rejected for being ‘shameful’ and ¿who could take them?… the latin people, to be able to send home what for them are just breadcrumbs over there, but when they get here , they are big amounts of money.

Just think about it, it could be that some of us have a really bad time over here without  being able to have a deserved dish of food, but at the end this is what makes us stronger and special, and not being a bunch of people that only thinks about it’s own well-being.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.