The true vocation to be a politician

Colombian politics has become a struggle between two sides, one who wishes to remain in power for a while longer, and another that is doing even the impossible to prevent the previous one plan can be carried out.

It is incredible to see how people who are in charge of making this country fair for all of politicaus, are fighting for power instead of working in this, they should be joining forces for a better future, people use to say «if you can deal with your enemy, join him«.

Perhaps these ideas may come to seem a bit silly for people who are surrounded politically, this is not about a having a place, the idea of being a representative of the people is to work for them and do the best for others, not for your own pocket.

According to the concept that I have, to hold public charge it is needed to be very supportive, do a lot of effort and above all leave our personal benefit as a last resort, if we do not meet these requirements is because we do not really have politician vocation.


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