The world capitalist system has changed our way of thinking

Capitalism, one of the systems with which the global economy is handled, and despite all the politicians and the very people who must live with it  know that is not developed in a proper way so that all people can lead a dignified life in their economy.

It seems that the phrase that drives capitalism was «Take away everything else, all that exists, capitalize it, this planet is just yourscapitalismothis is definitely a big mistake, what we have on this beautiful planet belongs to all, but the invention the creator of all evils (money) transformed our minds.

tBut as things are going it is virtually impossible to live without money, and in addition the influences  given by U.S. in the way we think, have forced our brains to want to get rich, (which is not bad) but regardless if others suffer.

I’m not saying that capitalism is at fault, I’m talking about the human mind is becoming each time more twisted. For example in my country every day things happen that really should make us cry.

Once in the news, they showed that an adult male killed a woman and her baby by 5,000 Colombian pesos, about 1.7 € or 2.2 USD. Such events are regrettable, and it appears that the crime does not have much to do, if it is  for the money, people are doing whatever!


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.