Urban cultures

Urban cultures are a group of people with hobbies, clothing (fashion), likes, culture and usually some kind of affinity to certain music, they are groups where everyone belongs and lives for the same culture.

It is really interesting to see how in the XXI century our socierty is subdividing little by little until it becomes a single individual, we start in the planet earth, which is then transformed into continents, then countries, etc… All this subdivision produces the urban cultures that are «herds» where tribus-urbanasmany people with similar likes come together to feel fully accepted in a group.

This kind of behavior has became common in our youth, but many «characters» are taking urban cultures as if they were just about music.

Usually we, the young people, start subdividing depending on the style of music we listen: rock, metal, reggaeton, punk, electronic music and countless genres more.

The music undoubtedly has much to do with our current behavior and through it we can create some judgments about why a certain person dresses that way, how he or she acts and possibly how does he or she thinks.

Right now, the urban culture of the «moment» are the recognized «emos«, a culture quite «nice» because I personally still do not understand anything about them, I just know the way they dress and anything else.

By this I want to begin a large study about urban cultures in which I will try to enter into the depths of each one of them and show you how does each «herd» really work.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.

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  • el 17 mayo 2011 a las 9:11

    la informacion expuesta en este informe es muy util para darse cuenta de una sociedad de costantes cambios.
    acontinuacion les presento un blog con informacion complementaria a este:

    espero que sea de gran ayuda

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