Uribe’s third presidential period – Constitutional fraud?

Colombia’s constitution is a book where are listed all the rights and duties of a citizen and even of a public representative of the country, but it seems that this has been raped by reelection interests of our president.

According to many politicians, the way in which it was made the process for approving this re-election referendum was a fraud, and therefore our political constitution has beenescudo_colombia affected by the interest of a few.

Besides it, I would add from my point of view that a third period by Álvaro Uribe Velez would be wrong, because a president who is in a democracy like ours should allow others to reach this position .

Though if we go to see those who are approving or disapproving the third period we will have an endless list, where it will never be said what is good or bad.

Let’s hope the decision taken by our government is right for all of us, and that whoever gets in charge of working for a better country  does what he must does well.

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