Vote buying in Colombia

Vote buying in Colombia is an evil that has always tried to destroy our politics, especially and not surprisingly close to the time where our representatives are going to be chosen.

Buying votes with money from the state:

It has already been demostrated that some candidates for the chamber of representatives in the valley of the country are campaigning with state money, claiming that if people vote for them certain social work will be done in certain populations.

As expected the lady involved in this case says she hass never been involved in vote buying in Colombia, undoubtedly this type of case is pretty sad compra de votosand make even dertier the poor democracy we have.

It is indeed very sad to know the stories that are seen at the time of voting, because with them we realize how low some people fall to achieve their goals.

The worst of it is that they are playing with promises for people who want the best, believing that with a single vote they will have something that rightfully they deserve.


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