We are destroying the planet with this consumer society

Today while I was cheking my e-mail I found this video, that’s really got me thinking, the video talks about the great poverty that has the wealth and the wealth of the poverty.

Many have a «great life» in the concrete jungle, have cars, houses, electronic technology, and so on, but they really have nothing, because nothing is carried when you die.

Unfortunately our society has become into what a few want, a consumer society, we just want our personal welfare, and we are not interested in the least on what happens to the neighbor, it’s a shame not to eliminate from our lives all this technology and go back to nature.

Well, here I leave the video, see it, read it and analyze it very seriously, and you’ll see the great teaching that is going to leave. (traduction below)

-A rich dad wanted to show his son what poverty was, so hi took him some days to a peasant family.

-The kid was 3 days and 3 nights living at the camp.

-When they went back to the city, still in the car, the father asked: how was your expirience?  His son answered: good, kind of distant.

-Did you learn something? Said the father.

1. That we have a dog and they have 4.

2. We have a pool with treated water that goes until the middle of the yard. They have an entire river, of crystalline water with fishes and some other beautiful things.

3. We have electric illumination in our garden but they have the stars and the moon to illuminate them.

4. Our garden goes until the wall. Theirs, until the horizon.

5. We buy food, they cook.

6. We listen to CD’s… They listen to a perpetual symphony of birds, crickets and other small animals… All that, sometimes with the singing of a neighbor who works in his land.

7. We use microwave. What they eat has the slow fire flavor.

8. To protect ourselves we live surounded by walls, with alarm… They live almost with open doors, protected by the friendship of their neighbors.

9. We live connected to the phone, PC and TV. they are ‘connected to the live, sky, sun, water, the color of the camp, the animals, their shadows, their family.

The father was astonished with the deep words of his son. Finally the son concluded:

-Thanks for teaching me how poor we are!

Each day we are poorer in the observation of nature, that is the great work of God. We worry about HAVING, HAVING AND HAVING EACH TIME MORE, in stead of worring about «BEING».


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.