What if we are living a lie? …. misinformation in Colombia

I’ll be back to clarify, this article is based on what is happening in my country Colombia, to avoid misunderstanding. The misinformation of the media in the era of telecommunications, where in 2 seconds you can realize what is happening in China, is incomprehensible. But why does this happens?, as we all know in our country there are certain families that «rule» and sometimes come to have more relevance than the government itself.

If we go to the past, most of these families come from a conservative past (Colombian political party) and they were the first who attacked the FARC guerrillas, for this cause these groups were created, in order deffend from dreaded conservatives.

But one character got me thinking about what we know and live as Colombians, what if we’re living a lie. Let’s think so, the owners of the media, who desinformacion en la televisionare they?, Of course these families, and who runs the government a certain way?, the same families.

In a way we could come to think of a management information provided to the people as dirt, trying to make look worse the FARC, right now I am not claiming that these fighters are good, just say and agree with this  » character » that maybe as Colombians and perhaps foreign, we must have at least a few acces to the true information of what happens in this country.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.