Bad refereeing in Colombian football

Football, the most beautiful sport in the world is being seriously affected in our Colombian league because most of the referees are making wrong decisions, and sometimes totally «shameless«, where the referee acts favoring a team.

It is common to think that there someone is «putting his hand» (playing dirty), one might say it’s the mafia or something, but in this country you can expect this from: individuals, politicians, mobsters, the commission of Colombian football, and so on.

It’s really very strange what is happening in our football, the proof is this video, where Once Caldas faces Chico, check out the second 33.

As shown in the video it’s a clear fake, then the player from Once Caldas, when he saw his ploy worked, began to celebrate inordinately.

Here the video that definitely finds something strange that happens in this tournament and who knows where else in the history of our game, this is called «The biggest fake in the history of football.»

Some people took this with humor as you can see in this video.

Well, we really have to take action with what’s happening in football, because while these things are seen we are not seeing real results, we are seeing results scheduled, that’s how it looks like.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.