Coup in Honduras for political reform

In the Central American country of Honduras it occurred something deplorable, the army of this country had a coup, and now have completely surrounded the capital of the small country.

It is really something incomprehensible that in these days there are still attacks to the democracy like this, besides the way it was done leaves much to be expected from the Honduran army.

Honduras President Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped in a totally brutal way, some members of the army went to the presidential palace, taking his whole family, and carrying off Zelaya to Costa Rica, where he still is.

As it isn’t strange, President Hugo Chavez declared things that are irrelevant, according to him the «U.S. should go to try to fix this problem asdemocracia the American empire is much of the blame on what happened.»

What has been requested by both the kidnapped president and other politicians is a revelation of the Honduran people, but all in a peaceful context, in a war that no one wins, only death.

With what happened Obama have spoken, and many organizations, all rejecting this senseless coup that has just happened, but something really has surprised, the president Barack Obama has stated that this problem should be solved by the same Hondurans without any outside intervention, something strange because we already know how the U.S loves to get into outside troubles (it seems that Obama is bringing a change).

Finally, although many things are said such as this has not been a coup, the president was taken and imprisoned for doing something completely illegal and not taking into account the people, others say that it was a coup because the president has done good things and they want to avoid him from keep doing it, only time will tell what is true, but true or not a coup at this time is unforgivable no matter what country or society it is!


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