Labor and employment reform in Colombia

The situation of workers in Colombia is becoming worse, since the major reforms made in Colombian politics cause unfair treatment in terms of wage deserved by workers.

Worse benefits for the employee:

Several laws have tried to minimize costs by having an employee in any company in the country, standing out the laws 50 and 90, which were defended to the hilt by our president Álvaro Uribe, created a certain labor inestability for young people and reducing the cost of having an employee in any Colombian company.

Such changes affected mainly the reduction of compensation for unfair dismissal, reduced the payments for night work, extra hours, sunday and holidays, and also decided that the claiming back of fallen payments will cover only two years .

They also carried out some other changes such as reducing the minimum wage, and even every time they start dabating about the possible increase in the wage, they always try to achieve the lowest possible rate, to further support the entrepreneurs who already manage a lot of money.

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