Liquidation of hospitals in Colombia

We as human beings get sick and so we have the right to go the hospital, unfortunately for the government of Álvaro Uribe we have found the liquidation of hospitals in Colombia, deteriorating more the health in Colombia.

Promotion of social crisis in Colombia:

The liquidation of all hospitals in Colombia is a fact, even today is one of the main themes in the Colombian news, since saludthe state’s money is not enough to keep the health system, taking even some of the funds of retirement pension as we have shown.

Possible privatization of hospitals:

At this time we are facing a possible privatization of some hospitals in Colombia, which would give free way to corruption in these care centers, providing a worse service for the user.

There is no doubt that Colombia is every day getting closer to become a country full of private companies, no matter what kind of market are specialized in, only resulting in increased profits for owners or investors, giving a lower quality of life and work for each of the employees, even getting to intrude the health of a person.

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